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How to draw a graph

How to draw a graph

Hand drawing a graph is an essential skill for any science (physics, chemistry, or biology) or maths students. You need to know how to draw a graph by hand before you move on to use a computer program to produce your graphs.

In the above video I will show you the key components required to produce a good graph. These include:

  • making the best use of the graph paper
  • adding the correct labels

In addition, I will also show you how to construct a standard curve using data from a protein assay, and how to use the graph to determine the unknown concentration of a sample.

If you are struggling to draw good graphs then this handy checklist will help you produce good quality graphs:

Graph Drawing Checklist: Get a checklist for graph drawing – Send the Checklist

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There is also a slide stack available over at slideshare.net:


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