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Bioscience maths skills – are they really needed?

What are bioscience maths skills and why do bioscientists – chemists and biologists, and even a pre-med students and medical doctors, need a good understanding of what I call “science maths”? Are bioscience maths skills really that important?

Below you will find a video (and also a slide stack) on why I think it is important that bioscientists have a good grasp of the what I call “science maths” – that is, why I think it is important that bioscientists understand the concepts of moles and molarity, and an understanding of the role of atoms, molecules, and ions in health and disease. These skills, along with correct pipetting, and working accurately and consistently in the lab, are critical if you are going to get good results, and if you are a student, in getting good grades.

It is important that you develop your understanding of moles and molarity, percentage solutions, and dilutions now so that the “science maths” becomes second nature and you don’t find yourself second guessing in the lab. And the best way to improve your bioscience maths skills is through practice and working through the material.

If you have found the slide stack and video useful then please share them with your friends and classmates. You may also like to check out the course we have on offer to help you with your bioscience maths skills over at Fedora – we have a range of courses from basic chemistry and maths skills, through to moles and molarity, and on to spectrophotometry.