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Say hello to the Facebook Chemistry Chatbot!

Please say a big hello to the Facebook Chemistry Chatbot!

I am ridiculously excited by this as I think chatbots are potentially an excellent way to learn new things and to share information. It feels so much better to be ‘chatting’ on Facebook Messenger about chemistry and biology maths, than working through a website. It just feels better… It feels more natural.

You can find the Chatbot at: m.me/biosciencemaths

Or you can just scan this code:

Facebook Chemistry Chatbot

Facebook Chemistry Chatbot – just scan this code with Facebook Messenger

To scan the code in Facebook Messenger:

  1. From Facebook Messenger Home, tap your profile picture in the top left corner.
  2. On your profile page, tap your picture at the top of the page.
  3. Tap Scan Code tab at the top of the page and get the above code in the circle.

So, what can the bot do? Well, you can ask it questions such as:

  • What is a mole?
  • What is molarity?
  • How do I calculate molarity?
  • How do I work out a dilution?
  • What is sodium?
  • What is Mg?
  • What is NaCl?
  • Plus many more…

And you will get a reply with some useful links.

Now, I am not claiming the bot knows everything there is to know about chemistry, but it does know a lot of the key terms, all the elements, and a lot of the common molecules and compounds you would find in a typical school, high school, college or university lab.

If you ask it something about chemistry and it doesn’t know the answer then drop me a line at nick@http://maths4biosciences.com and I will ‘teach’ the bot the new thing.

And the bot can ask you calculation questions for moles, molarity, dilutions, percentage solutions, and units. Try asking:

  • Test me on moles
  • Quiz me on molarity
  • A percentage test, please
  • Dilutions test
  • Please test me on units

You will then get a question to which you provide an answer, and if you get it right the bot will tell you, and if you get it wrong, the bot will give you the correct answer and explain how to work it out.

If there is another type of question you would like included then please email the details: nick@http://maths4biosciences.com and I will have a look at getting it added.

If you have any comments or questions about the Facebook Chemistry Chatbot then either leave a comment below or email me at nick@http://maths4biosciences.com